Winning at Safety: How Your People Make the Difference (VOD)

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This dynamic keynote presentation from the 2015 Utility Safety Conference will provide you with insight about how to effectively motivate your team to "win" at the game of safety. Safety expert and successful football coach Mike Allen uses the parallels between the sport of football and utility teams to illustrate just how crucial it is to strive for a high-level of success when it comes to safety.


  • How human error is not the real cause of nearly all incidents
  • Why a culture of blame can ruin your chances for safety success
  • Why your team must be built for safety agility
  • The reason why context causes your team to justify unsafe work
  • The effectiveness of informal safety conversations
  • Why we should celebrate team members who question safety procedures


Mike Allen, The RAD Group

Mike is Co-Founder and Director of Operations of The RAD Group.  He is a former teacher and coach who led high school teams to ten state championships in football and baseball. He was recognized by Steven Covey as “Facilitator of the Year” in 1997.  In 1998, after spending 16 years in the oil and gas industry and reaching the position of Corporate Director of Quality and Training, he brought his fiery and motivational brand of coaching and training to the RAD Group.  Mike is passionate about Safety in the workplace and has had much success in training and motivating others to change unsafe behaviors and become Safety Leaders. He understands what it takes to be a successful leader and is credited by many of his clients as the person who helped them make the turn from manager/supervisor to leader.  Mike is co-author of many training programs including SafetyCompass®PerformanceCompass®, and Performance Management in the Workplace, which have been used to train thousands of managers/supervisors around the world.  

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