Safety Training for Metering Personnel (C4C)

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From shocks and arc flashes to slips and dog bites, metering personnel face a wide array of dangers. In this course, utility safety expert Lee Marchessault will detail those dangers and more as well as provide helpful strategies and tips to help keep employees safe while working with meters. 


  • The most common causes of injuries to metering personnel
  • How shock incidents can easily go from a mildly painful jolt to a deadly incident
  • The hazards that make arc flashes extremely dangerous and what metering personnel must do to protect themselves
  • An overview of the new OSHA 1910.269 regulations affecting metering jobs and personnel
  • What OSHA requires employers to do to ensure metering staff are safe
  • Guidelines that you should follow when training your metering staff
  • New Minimum Approach Distance rules 
  • Advice on what equipment and PPE metering personnel should be using
  • Common meter hazards caused by environmental conditions and improper workmanship
  • Real-world stories of how ignoring safety can lead to tragic consequences 



Lee Marchessault, Workplace Safety Solutions

Lee Marchessault is the president of Workplace Safety Solutions. He is a licensed electrician with 35 years of experience in the electric utility industry, both in the field and as an EHS manager. Lee also is an adjunct instructor at Keene State College and has developed electrical safety programs for OSHA Training Institute Education Center (Region One). In addition to authoring numerous articles and speaking about electrical safety in the U.S. and abroad, Lee is an active member of the NFPA, ASSE, IEEE and National Safety Council Utilities Division.


Watch a preview video of this course: 


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