Protective Grounding Principles: The Limits of the "Zone" (VOD)

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Personal protective grounding is often misunderstood--and the sad reality is that misunderstanding results in injuries, destruction and fatalities. Using scientific data and real-life case studies, Jim Vaughn provides you with insight and understanding you and your staff need to know about the true risks of fault situations and what can be done to keep everybody safe.


  • How utility grounds always carry potentially deadly current
  • OSHA, ANSI and IEEE requirements for grounding and equipotential
  • How current travels during faults
  • Common mistakes many workers make 
  • Why you should ground your truck
  • Grounding & equipotential strategies that work



Jim Vaughn, Global Energy Solutions

A specialist in Occupational Safety and Health, Jim Vaughn has over 40 years of experience in utility and industrial electrical construction, industrial maintenance and operations; commercial construction and manufacturing and process plant environment safety. Mr. Vaughn has authored numerous procedure and standards documents and technical training programs. His original curriculum for Line Technician training was adopted by the Florida Department of Education and is used broadly across Florida and the electric utility industry. In addition to his OSHA expertise in 1910 and 1926 standards Vaughn also has expertise in international OHSAS Safety standards. Mr. Vaughn is highly regarded for his demonstrated skills in hazard identification; plant safety inspection; incident investigation; safety program development and application of consensus standards to meet OSHA requirements. 

Mr. Vaughn has written articles on safety and training for several publications and is a sought after speaker on contemporary safety and technical issues and has often been called on for his skills as a post incident electrical forensics consultant. Vaughn has delivered many hours in both the college classroom and adult learner technical training and is recognized for effective technology transfer skills that compliment his safety and technical training courses. Mr. Vaughn currently sits on the Editorial Board at Incident Prevention Magazine, is a sought after technical writer and speaker and consults often on safety issues for Arizona utilities.

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