Harness the Power of Habit (VOD)

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Are you disappointed with the results of your last safety training? Are you frustrated that too many employees still haven't changed their behavior even though you remind them again and again? Are you exasperated that your employees know what to do and may even want to follow safety protocols but just don't? Study after study shows that the most effective way to change how your employees think, respond, or act is to transform it from a conscious act to an unconscious act. In other words, make it a habit! Discover the missing link and how you can employ cutting edge neuroscience research to harness the power of habit to quickly boost the stick factor of your current safety initiatives.


  • The Limitations of Willpower: Identify the 3 reasons it isn’t always there when you need it.

  • The Neurology of Habit: How you can leverage the anatomy of a habit to improve the effectiveness of their existing safety training.

  • Habit is a double edged sword, so attendees will practice a key strategy that neutralizes habit and familiarity as it’s happening.

  • How to Create a New Habit: Apply what you’ve just learned and create a habit on the spot.


    Sharon Lipinski, CCWS, CBT-I, CEO, Habit Mastery Consulting

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