Frontline Utility Leadership Education Series: An Incident Prevention Overview (VOD)

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The Frontline Utility Leadership Education Series has been adopted by utilities across the nation that seek to enrich the knowledge of its future frontline leaders. In this session, you’ll get an overview of the two-day session on Incident Investigations.


  • Incident versus accident and summarize the direct and indirect costs associated with them.

  • Keys to a safe workplace and an effective safety and health management system.

  • How to identify and prevent hazards through the use of the hierarchy of controls.

  • The role of training in incident prevention, when it is required and how to develop an effective training program.

  • The elements of worksite hazard analysis and how to utilize these tools in the prevention of incidents.

  • Incident analysis including identifying root causes and corrective actions.


Andy Cleary, Pike Electric and Stay Safe Solutions

Andy began his career as a groundman on an overhead distribution crew with Pike Electric in 1989.  He was promoted through the ranks to a lineman and entered the EHS department as a safety supervisor in 2000.  Throughout his career, Andy has worked to promote safety for Pike’s field and fleet operations.  His accomplishments include implementing a Fleet and Support Operations Safety and Work Methods Manual, a JHA process, an accredited Utility Equipment Repair Technician apprenticeship program, and hot work programs for the fleet. 

Andy completed an apprenticeship program as a Powerline Technician through the North Carolina Department of Labor and is currently certified as a MESH, A-MESH, CHST, and CUSP.  He is also an OTI Instructor for 10 and 30 hours courses in General Industry and Construction, NCCER Certified Instructor, Certified Practical Examiner for mobile cranes, and a voting member of ASTM F18. 

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