Drilled Shaft Safety (C4C)

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Drilled shaft worksites present dangers that require an organization to pre-plan, plan and plan some more to protect workers. Learn safety best practices from leaders in the drilled shaft foundation industry. Aldridge Electric's O'Brien Mills and Gary Coleman will provide insight and strategy into how to have a safe drilled shaft worksites. 


  • Implementing a incident and injury free policy 
  • Effective emergency action planning 
  • The preplanning steps you need to take 
  • Building an Effective daily task analysis process 
  • Moving machinery and equipment safety tips 
  • Creating drilled shaft permit entry policies 
  • Training, Auditing & Reporting strategies



O'Brien Mills (left) & Gary Coleman (right), Aldridge Electric

About O'Brien:

As Director of Occupational Safety and Health for Aldridge Electric, O’Brien Mills’ 20 years of experience is crucial to the success of every project and the commitment Aldridge has to all of its employees and subcontractors. Planning, directing and implementing Aldridge’s safety and health program to ensure a safe, healthy and accident-free work environment is not just O’Brien’s job, it is his mission. His personal commitment to and passion for maintaining a healthy, accident-free job site will support the goals of any project. Since joining Aldridge in 2001, Mr. Mills has been the driving force behind reducing Aldridge’s Total Number of Lost Workdays from 170 in 2002 to 0 in 2006. He accomplished this while Total Man Hours for the same years increased from 747,000 to 1,020,000. Additionally, the EMR rate for Aldridge has declined from 0.75 in 2001 to 0.63 in 2012 as a result of his stringent zero-tolerance safety policies. Mr. Mills manages fourteen full-time Safety Professionals and one in-house Safety Trainer.

About Gary:

Gary Coleman, CHST, OHST, is a safety manager for Aldridge Electric. He has 30 years of construction experience with 12 years in construction safety, and holds a Master of Science degree from Northern Illinois University. 


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