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Eyes in the Skies: How You Can Use Drone Technology to Mitigate Utility Safety Risks

Coutts Brothers—a utility contractor headquartered in Randolph, Maine—has been using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS, or drones) to inspect power lines for the past three years. In this session, you'll learn what type of applications have they been using drones for, how have drones helped improve safety and what lessons they learned throughout the drone implementation process.

This session will:
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of showing the right way and measuring what you want compared to using injury data and focusing on events
  • Outline how different types of consequences should be used by leaders to influence behavior 
  • Explain the need to provide consequences based on performance and not behavior
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How to Perform Effective NESC Substation Audits

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Making Sense of 1910.269: Get Your Compliance Questions Answered

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Spec'ing Aerial Equipment for Maximum Safety

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HP Principle 4: People Influence Each Other

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We're back from the Fall iP Utility Safety Conference in Orlando and we've captured a lot of new video footage that will be converted to online courses and videos over the coming months!
  • Runover/Backover Prevention and Work Zone Safety 
  • Insulate & Isolate and Second Points of Contact: How to Safely Approach the Primary Zone
  • Effective Strategies to Reduce Serious Injuries & Fatalities
  • How CPS Energy Created a Successful Safety Culture
  • How Sunflower Electric Power Found Safety Success By Using Scenario-Based Fall Protection Solutions
  • Collaboration for Fleet, Safety and the Field: Strategies for Getting Departments to Work Together More Effectively
  • The Top 10 Risks of Solar Farm Work: Lessons Learned from the Field
  • Are Compliance Grungs Taking Over Your Organization?
  • Personal Protective Grounding: What Works & What Doesn’t
  • Rethinking Utility Security: Are Your Workers Exposed to Danger?
  • Safety in the Event of a Manhole Explosion
  • A Day Like Any Other - Focusing on How Work is Really Done
  • Ignore Your Employees and They'll Go Away!
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Human Performance Implementation
JANUARY 16, 2019  |  3PM ET/ 2PM CT / 1PM MT / 12PM PT

It’s good to know HP but it doesn’t do much good to know it if you don't use it. This webinar will discuss how to effectively implement human performance tools into your safety and health management system.
Bob McCall, Pam Tompkins, Rey Gonzales and Mike Allen
  • Ways organizations typically fail at HP implementation and learn how you can avoid common implementation pitfalls
  • An overview of some of the most common and effective HP tools
  • How a just culture is essential to any HP program
  • Key features of safety programs that incorporate HP successfully
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