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    iPi Online is the first online learning platform made exclusively for the unique safety challenges of utility safety and operations professionals. Our courses go beyond the regulations to provide the in-depth, impactful utility safety knowledge needed to help lead your team to a increased safety and lower incident rates. All of our courses are driven by the industry's brightest utility safety minds. 

    We know that utility professionals are being asked to work more hours and to do more with less. iPi online offers an affordable solution to help you learn year round when and where you want to learn. We offer a variety of leadership, management, compliance and worksite safety courses to choose from. And all of the content is hosted in a powerful, cloud-based learning management system which make organizing your learning and the learning of your team a breeze!

    We also understand that it is difficult to get your team out of the field and into a classroom at the same time. That's why we offer a mobile-friendly platform that enables you to push courses out to your team to be viewed via our mobile app on their smartphones or tablets. 

    Our catalog features four types of learning formats:

    • Video on Demand Courses - Watch HD video of any our presentations.
    • Courses for Credit - Earn CUSP points or CEU credit by passing these courses.
    • Virtual Classrooms - These interactive webinar sessions provide a rich learning experience.
    • Brain Builders - A short 5-8 minute video and interactive exercise made to help field leaders train their team on safety topics.

    There are plenty of training options out there. But no other platform is designed exclusively for utility safety professionals who currently lead and manage staff--as well as those who are aspiring to be tomorrow's utility safety leaders.

    You can buy any of our individual courses listed in our online catalog—or you can purchase an annual subscription to our iPi Plus program for unlimited access to our entire catalog.


    Watch our brief two-minute video overview about the benefits of iPi:



    Courses Available & Coming Soon

    Our content is developed and presented by leading safety minds in the utility industry to provide you with the utility-specific content that provides solutions and insight to the unique challenges faced by safety professionals working for electric & gas utilities. 

    We already have more than 60 hours of on-demand content in the catalog--and we add new items every month. Additionally, we will be offering six to eight virtual classroom webinars in 2016. The list below shows you the both the courses we already have in the catalog as well as courses we have already filmed and will be adding over the coming weeks:

    • 7 Ways to Prevent Traffic-Related Incidents in Your Utility Work Zone
    • Avoiding Collisions While Backing & Parking (Coming Soon)
    • Basic Rigging Fundamentals (Coming Soon)
    • Building a Rope Access Program for Lattice Transmission Towers (Coming Soon)
    • Conducting Incident Investigations
    • Connecting Safety, Quality & Productivity
    • Distributed Generation Safety for Lineworkers (Coming Soon)
    • Drilled Shaft Safety
    • Driving Safety Culture to the Front of the Line (Coming Soon)
    • Frontline Human Performance (Coming Soon)
    • Frontline Incident Prevention (Coming Soon)
    • Get to Know Your Brain for Safety’s Sake
    • Hardwired Inhibitions: Hidden Forces that Keep Us Silent in the Face of Disaster
    • Identifying Triggers and Preventing Events
    • Implementing an Effective Human Performance Toolbox
    • Leading for Safety's Sake
    • Mobile Equipment Regs & Standards Update (Coming Soon)
    • OSHA 1910 & 1926 Standards Update
    • OSHA's New Rules on Arc Flash Protection
    • OSHA's New Rules on Fall Protection: What You Need to Know
    • OSHA's New Rules on MAD: What You Need to Know
    • Pole Testing
    • Precision Tree Felling & Removal (Coming Soon)
    • Pain, No Gain: How to Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders
    • Protective Grounding Principles: The Limits of the "Zone"
    • RF Safety is Serious Business (Coming Soon)
    • Safety Training for Metering Personnel
    • Solar Power Safety: An Introduction
    • Substation Rescue (Coming Soon)
    • Substation Safety
    • Sustaining Utility Safety Success: How to Create a Long-Term, Successful Safety Strategy
    • Traffic Safety in Utility Work Zones
    • The Benefits of Teamwork Among Safety Professionals (Coming Soon)
    • The Impact of New OSHA Rules on the Host & Contractor Relationship
    • The Safety Connection: How to Maximize Synergy Among Safety, Environmental & Security Functions
    • The Safety Side Effect: Things Leaders do that Coincidentally Improve Safety
    • When Rules Just Aren't Enough
    • Winning at Safety: How Your People Make the Difference
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